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Tub Stopper Solutions

Are you looking for a tub stopper solution that will last? Dealing with bathtub stoppers that don’t hold water, are old and dirty, corroded or missing drains is irritating and bothersome in many ways. You want to enjoy your bath and shower time and not be embarrassed to entertain guests. With the revolutionary SimpliQuick Tub Fix® tub stopper solution there is no reason to put off your bathtub upgrade or repair project any longer.

We show you the easiest and most economical method to replace broken and corroded drains with easy to follow video instruction and on call assistance available. Simply call us at 1-800-308-0864 Monday through Friday, 6:30 am to 4:00 pm MST or email us at sales@buyeagle.biz with any questions and ask if the SimpliQuick Tub Fix® tub stopper solution is right for you. This remarkable bathtub stopper replacement solution by Watco gives you a shiny new stopper in only minutes with no need to remove your existing drain.

Easiest Tub Stopper Replacement

Watco is a name trusted by professionals and known for delivering innovative bathtub plumbing and tub stopper repair solutions you can rely on. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix push pull tub stopper sits right on top of your existing drain without extending down into the drain. This quick and easy solution includes a mesh grid drain cover to catch hair and foreign debris and a high quality push pull stopper with high clearance for easy draining and cleaning.

It’s never been easier to upgrade the look of any bathtub with a universal fit covering drains up to 2 7/8 inches. This quality product includes a 3/8-in or 5/16-in reversible post to fit most drains or comes with silicone adhesive to simply apply to the top of your drain, solving the problem of broken crossbars. Watco’s SimpliQuick® tub stopper makes it easy to upgrade the look of your tub in only minutes.

Eagle Mountain is the proud online retailer of quality Watco and Woodford products, providing innovative products with exceptional customer support. We strive to provide long-term, high-quality tub repair solutions for total customer satisfaction. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about the easiest and most economical way to repair or replace a tub stopper.