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Woodford has everything you need when it comes time to install or repair an outdoor wall faucet, wall hydrant or even a yard hydrant. Once you have determined which one of our freeze proof faucets best serves your needs, take a look at our instructional step-by-step video on how to install it.


  • Freezeless Models
  • Innovative Features
  • The Choice of Professionals
  • Outdoor Faucet and Hydrant Products for All Climates
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Watco is the Choice of Professionals when looking for high-quality, innovative and useful bath drain products for your upcoming DIY or repair project. Watco produces bathtub drains, stoppers, bath wastes, lavatory drains and drain parts to fit your bath plumbing needs.


  • Innovative
  • Useful
  • Simpler installation methods
  • Take the guesswork out of your next bathtub project.
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Perma-Cast is committed to providing customers with reliable quality components designed to meet the exacting standards of swimming pool owners throughout the world.


  • Quality Castings for the Pool Industry
  • Electrical Water Bonding
  • World's largest manufacturer of anchor sockets.
  • TechNode Salt Pool Anodes are the most efficient anodes on the market.
  • State-of-the-Art Permanent Molds
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Wood blocks or expensive stainless steel supports were the standard until MAPA Products introduced the first plastic based adjustable support for light to medium duty gas piping.This cost effective support started a design trend that revolutionized the rooftop support industry.


  • Free standing, non-penetrating
  • Seismic and high wind Support Systems