Model Y34 / Y1 Yard Hydrant Repair

Since 1929, the Woodford Y34 IOWA® hydrants are used for filling field spray equipment, cleaning tools and equipment, lawn and garden care, watering livestock - immediate water flow even in sub-zero temperatures. Features - ADJUSTABLE LINK - Provides easy and positive adjustment of the lever lock-in tension. ROD GUIDE - Eliminates side pull on rod, reduces wear on packing nut and stem. FLOW FINDER and LOCK - A simple cam that can be set to automatically obtain the same flow each time or lock against accidental opening. LONG LIFE PACKING - Teflon impregnated packing in deep chamber with adjustable packing nut. ONE PIECE VARIABLE FLOW PLUNGER - Large cushion type seal for longer life - is not easily damaged and assures shut-off even when foreign particles are present. Automatic drain feature - plunger opens drain to prevent freezing - closes at any flow to prevent wasting water. INTERCHANGEABLE PARTS - Woodford has manufactured the IOWA® hydrant since 1929, and although many improvements have been made through the years, all parts are interchangeable. All repairs can be made from the top of the unit without removing the hydrant from the ground