Model 14 Repair

The freezeless Woodford Model 14 wall faucet drains as handle is shut off and hose is removed. This faucet is designed for residential outside water service applications and is not intended for continuous use. This unit offers no anti-siphon or backflow protection. Multiple Inlets to choose from - CP inlet the most-commonly purchased inlet - Unit offers no anti-siphon or backflow protection - Faucet will not rupture from freezing when the valve is shut off and the hose is removed (hose sold separately) - EPDM rubber packing helps prevent leaking behind the packing nut Stainless steel seat to prevent from leaking at the back of the faucet - Full-circle operating threads cover the valve body and retainer for a secure and tight fit - Powder-coated die-cast aluminum round handle for strength - Standard O in. size seat washer - No-lead solder - Repair parts readily available - Made in USA